2014 National Council Session/53rd National Convention

October 16-19, 2014  |  Salt Lake City, Utah

  • 53rd National Convention

    Let's Convention

    Every three years, Girl Scouts gather together at the National Council Session and Convention to reinvigorate our Movement, celebrate our accomplishments, and chart our future. Our 2014 National Council Session/53rd Convention honored our cherished traditions and, at the same time, propelled the Movement forward into the next 100 years of leadership for girls and young women. Visit GSUSA's Convention page for more information.

    Read a Convention Wrap-up of important strategic conversations about the future and exciting educational opportunities for adults and girls that took place at the Convention.

  • 2014 National Delegate Slate


    GSEM's delegation joined more than 10,000 Girl Scouts at this exciting convention! GSEM's slate of National Delegates was elected at the GSEM Annual Meeting on May 6, 2014:

    Patricia Adams (Chelmsford)
    Maureen Buckley (Stoneham)
    Elizabeth Esborn (East Sandwich)
    Stephanie Geiser (Lowell)
    Jessica Robinson (Bridgewater)
    Margaret Juppe (Belmont)
    Michelle Kramer (Reading)
    Lorie Mendoza (Lawrence)
    Patricia Parcellin (Wakefield)
    Pat Romeo-Gilbert (Lexington)
    Linda Schuller (Belmont)
    Mary Shapiro (Canton)
    Gail Spring (Quincy)
    Elizabeth Stevenson (Marshfield)
    Melanie Wills-Tavares (Fairhaven)

    Taylor Bennett (Billerica)
    Catherine Neville (Hull)
    Elizabeth Goldberg (Marlborough)
    Mollie O’Connor (Winchester)
    Makayla Selden (Everett)
    Tessa Senders (Reading)

  • 2014 National Council Session


    The National Board of Directors of Girl Scouts of the USA placed three proposals and one discussion topic on the agenda for the 2014 Girl Scout National Council Session/53rd Convention:

    • Proposal: Flexibility of Dues and Registration Practices, submitted by the Task Group to Study National Dues Structure and Registration Practices
    • Proposal: Reporting Relationship of the Chief Financial Officer, submitted by the National Board of Directors of Girl Scouts of the USA
    • Proposal: Role of the Past Presidents, submitted by the National Board of Directors of Girl Scouts of the USA
    • Discussion Topic: Importance of the Outdoors in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience

    For more details about the agenda items, please click here.

  • Delegate Responsibilities

    Responsibilities of the National Council Delegates are listed in the Constitution of Girl Scouts of the USA, Article V, as found in the current Blue Book of Basic Documents, 2015 edition and in the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts National Council Delegate job description.

    Read our National Delegate FAQ.

  • Delegate Alternates

    National Delegate Alternates may be called upon to participate in the National Council Session in the event a voting member is unable to attend.

    Nancy Marshall (Burlington)
    Pamela Salkovitz (Sudbury)
    Amy vanNederpelt (Waltham)

    Kayla Bell (Winchester)