It's COOKIE Time!

Girl Scout Cookies are on sale now!Enter your zipcode here or download the cookie locator app to find cookies near you.

  •  Daisy–Ambassador Girl Scouts

    Top Seller

    Want to sell Girl Scout cookies? Only registered Girl Scouts can participate in the Cookie Program. Ask your troop leader or email for more. Are you an IRG? You can participate! Email to learn how.

    COCO Command
    Plan, and set goals – visit COCO Command to get started, and learn the difference from COCOdirect.

    Ready, Set, Goal!
    Imagine a Celtics game packed with Girl Scouts–with YOUR name on the Jumbotron! Become a member of the exclusive 500 Club and have a ball at the Celtics-Clippers game on March 29.

    Girls can dress-up their cookie booth for a chance to win $500 from GSUSA. Details are here -- don't forget to email your photo for a chance to win our local #BlingYourBooth Contest – a $50 credit to the store! Submit to us by March 20, and GSUSA by April 30.

  •  Families

    GSEM 500 Club

    Research shows that Girl Scouts with family support achieve more through participation in the Cookie Program. Parental/guardian permission is required.

    Volunteer and you can help a Girl Scout become a small business entrepreneur and learn the 5 Essential Skills: Goal Setting, Decision Making, Money Management, People Skills and Business Ethics. Membership registration and CORI are required.

    Cookie Merchandise
    Check out all the great ways you can show your cookie support at the Girl Scout Shop. Car magnets, lanyards, t-shirts, new cookie totes – limited quantities! And be sure to pick up your decked-out booth sale kit at any GSEM Store.

    Safety First!
    Keeping girls safe is our first priority. Check out abc Bakers’ list of girl safety tips, including using the buddy system and having a plan for booth sales. 

  • Cookie Lovers - How to Buy

    Girl Scout Cookie packages

    Girl Scout Cookies are now on sale until March 10. Buy cookies from a registered Girl Scout in any of our 178 communities. Check out booth sale locations.

    Girl Scout Cookies
    Yum! There are eight delicious varieties: Thin Mints®, Carmel deLites®, Peanut Butter Patties®, Peanut Butter Sandwich, Shortbread, Lemonades, Thanks-A-Lot and Cranberry Citrus Crisps, all at $4/package.

    NEW! Certified Gluten Free
    Trios - chocolate chips nestled in a gluten free peanut butter oatmeal cookie - are now available!

    5 for Five
    Purchase five packages, complete the form provided at purchase and you will be entered to win five cases!

    How the Cookie Crumbles
    We’re proud that 69% of all cookie proceeds stay locally within our council and benefit our girls. Learn how the cookie crumbles.

    Our girls can now sell Girl Scout Cookies online, adding email marketing to their professional toolbox.

  • SU Cookie Managers

    cookie costumes

    Service Unit Cookie Managers support Troop Cookie Advisors throughout the sale by providing training, distributing materials, helping with cookie pickups, payments and recognitions.

    To gain access to SNAP, ensure your signed Service Unit Cookie Manager volunteer agreement is received by Jacinda Turner by email, fax (781-893-0022), or delivered to Waltham. Jacinda will email SNAP login information and directions, and the general log-in page is here. You can also reference the Quick Guide for Service Unit Cookie Managers.

    Missed training?
    Contact your local Product Specialist for support; Linda Dupuis in Middleboro, Cindy Campbell in North Andover, Toni Dixon in Waltham and here for Boston.

    Use the Troop Cookie Book to support and train your Troop Cookie Advisors and to find other helpful information, like cupboard hours.

    Online Resources
    Ready to promote the sale to your service unit volunteers? Check out abc Bakers’ online art gallery!

  • Troop Cookie Advisors

    Lead the Change

    To gain access to SNAP, give your signed Troop Cookie Advisor volunteer agreement to Jacinda Turner by email, fax (781-893-0022) or deliver to Waltham. Jacinda will email your SNAP login with helpful training materials (log-in page is here!). Want to manage Troop to Girl Transfers? Check out our video, and the Quick Guide.

    Planned Orders
    SNAP is open for Planned Orders, and Cookie Cupboard pickups are in action. Orders must be placed by 10 PM the Sunday before. Here's a great video to help set up your Planned Order/Cupboard Entry.

    Online Payment System
    Access the online payment system.

    Goal Setting
    Troops that set goals are the most successful! Start planning now by registering in COCO Command.

    Additional Video Resources
    Troop Recognition Processing
    Troop Financial Management

  • What's New

    Girl Scouts

    Look for our new set of wheels supporting cookie booth sales throughout the council. 

    SAGE Pay: Swipe those Credit Cards
    It's here! Cookie lovers can now purchase with plastic thanks to SAGE. To get started, head to the online application and use the step-by-step registration to guide you. iPhone 6 users: be sure to select the G4X version when ordering your device.

    COBS: Booth Sales by GSEM
    Council Organized Booths Sales (COBS) include sale locations such as MBTA stations, malls and other high-traffic venues. Troops can select up to 30 COBS choices with a maximum award of three spots... and this year, we've uncovered some additional opportunities that are available through the COBS lottery system. There's also a list of town booth coordinators so you can network with others and share tips about specific locations -- feel free to contact us with questions.

    Don't forget to send us your scheduled booth sales so that we can upload them to SNAP -- we want customers to know where you're selling cookies!