Fall Product Sale Program

The Fall Product Sale is an easy way to earn start-up money for your troop early in the year. Participating troops earn 15% of a girl’s sale of nuts, candy, magazines and products from the Photo Keepsake line.

Our Fall Product Sale concluded October 26, 2014. Thank you for your support!

  • Why Participate

    Exciting Troop & Girl Benefits

    • Participating troops receive a FREE digital photo book.
    • Incentives and recognition for girls.
    • Opportunity to win a Council Organized Cookie Booth Sale for January.
    • New online sale opportunity for magazines, candy and nuts. Girls can create their own customized web page to sell to family and friends!
    • Corporate gift sales.
    • Helps girls develop key skills they can use for the rest of their lives:
      • Goal Setting - Learn to set goals and meet deadlines.
      • Decision Making - Research and develop a plan while working as a team.
      • Money Management - Learn to make change, plan and budget their funds.
      • People Skills - Gain confidence learning how to deal with different people.
      • Business Ethics - Girls learn the importance of being honest, trustworthy and reliable.

    Sweet Sellers Club

    • Qualify to be a member of this prestigious club by earning the Goal Achiever Patch & Selling 50+ candy, nuts and/or magazines!
    • Girls earn an exclusive Sweet Sellers Club patch
    • $10.00 in Sweet Treat Credits to be used in the GSEM retail store or toward Ultimate Guide programs. Sweet Treat Credits are good from 12/1/14 - 6/30/15
  • Money for the Troop

    If 5 girls in your troop each participated as follows:

    • Submit completed address booklets 
    • Sell Girl Scout Tins at $9 each  
    • Sell five nut or candy items at $6 each
    • Sell six magazine subscriptions (either online or in person) at $12 each 
    • Send 12 emails online through the QSP (Quality School Program) website

    Your troop would earn:

    • 5 Address booklets: 5 x $1.50 = $7.50
    • Candy Tin: 5 girls x 5 items x ($9 x 15%) = $33.75
    • Nut/Candy Items: 5 girls x 5 items x ($6 x 15%) = $22.50
    • Magazine Subscriptions: 5 girls x 6 subscriptions x ($12 x 15%) = $54.00

    Total Proceeds for the Troop = $117.75

    (2014 Fall Sale mascot Sea Otter)

    Sea Otter mascot

  • Be Prepared

    Dive in!

    Recorded Webinars

    Quick and Easy Guide to the Fall Product Sale
    QSP Online Order
    nut-E Step-by-Step for Troops

    QSP/Nut Online Program

    Additional Resources


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