Fall Product Sale

When a Girl Scout sells cookies, nuts or magazines, she's doing more than handling a transaction. She's building a lifetime of skills and confidence.
Cuando una Girl Scout vende galletas, nueces o revistas, ella está haciendo más de manejar una transacción. Está desarrollando habilidades y confianza para toda la vida.

Fall Product Sale: September 27 - October 27, 2013.

  • Why Participate

    Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts Fall Product Sale allows girls to develop skills they can use for the rest of their lives.

    • Goal Setting - Learn to set goals and meet deadlines.
    • Decision Making - Research and develop a plan while working as a team.
    • Money Management - Learn to make change, plan and budget their funds.
    • People Skills - Gain confidence learning how to deal with different people.
    • Business Ethics - Girls learn the importance of being honest, trustworthy and reliable. 

    Additional Resources

    Contact Product Sales Team

    Fall Sale Resource Library

    Coco Webinars

    Online Payment System Webinar (Fall Sale)

    Service Unit nut-E Webinar (Fall Sale)

    Troop nut-E Webinar (Fall Sale)

    Quick & Easy Guide to the Fall Product Sale

    Nut-E database For Troops:

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    QSP/NUT Online Program

  • Money for the Troop

    Troops use the Fall Sale as an early season money making opportunity. Troops earn 15% of every dollar of nuts and candy and magazines they sell. Girls also earn individual incentives. Plus $1.50 for each completed QSP address booklet (one per girl).

    Nuts & Candy

    Girls receive an order card that shows the nut & candy selections and costs. Money is collected at the time of sale, and product will be shipped on November 15.

    QSP Address Booklets

    Each girl will receive a booklet with her Fall Sale materials. When a girl completes the booklet with 11 valid mailing addresses and returns it to the Fall Sale Advisor or Leader, she will earn a patch.

    Magazine Sale

    Each girl and parent/guardian can log on to the QSP website and participate in an internet safety program. When girls enter 12 or more emails for friends and family inviting them to purchase a magazine or renew their subscription, they will earn a patch, and if any emails result in a sale, the proceeds from that sale will go towards the girl's incentives and troop.

    Busy Bee sale mascot
    (2013 Fall Sale mascot Blossom the Bee)

  • Training Dates

    Grow your skills

    Webinar - September 18
    12 noon - 1pm

    New This Year

    Juniors and above can choose to opt-out of all incentives and earn 17% of every dollar in product sales.

    Sweet Sellers Club: qualify to be a member by selling 50+ units of candy or nuts, and/or magazine subscriptions. Girls will earn the Goal Achiever Patch, A Sweet Sellers Club patch and $10 in Sweet Treat credits to be used at the retail store or Ultimate Guide programs. Sweet Treat credits are valid from 12/1/13 - 6/25/14.