Welcome to the Girls’ Energy Conservation Corps (GECCo)—a program for Junior and Cadette Girl Scouts. GECCo girls learn by doing through Girl Scout events and patch recognitions.

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    The Girls’ Energy Conservation Corps (GECCo) is an energy conservation program for Junior and Cadette Girl Scouts funded by the National Science Foundation and developed by TERC in collaboration with the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts and 360KID.

    When girls join GECCo, they have fun as they learn how they use and waste energy, how their energy use directly connects them to climate change, and how to change their energy-use behaviors. GECCo girls become empowered to act as agents of change by communicating with others about climate change and energy conservation. They build skills with new media, impact their community positively, and increase their individual and collective sense of effectiveness in making a real difference.

    GECCo Events

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  • Junior Program

    Through the GECCo program, Juniors have fun, save energy, and learn about how their own actions are connected to climate change.

    Junior Patch Guides and Information

  • Cadette Program

    Through the GECCo program, Cadettes investigate how and where energy is produced and used, learn about climate change, and develop skills in using media to spread the word about saving energy. They become leaders in the fight against climate change.

    Cadette Patch Guides and Information

The GECCo program is supported by the National Science Foundation (Grant # DRL-0813434). Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this Website are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the National Science Foundation.