A Girl Scout grows into a strong, independent, confident woman,
uses her power to advocate for what she values, maxes out the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, and becomes your hero. Para Español llama 857-453-5335.


    Girl Scouts is a great way to learn new things, make friends, and develop leadership skills.

    Based on council feedback and research with girls, parents and volunteers, GSUSA streamlined and simplified the Girl Scout program offerings. As of fall 2011, these books and resources are available:

    Be inspired by this Girl Scouts of the USA video,
    "What did you do today?"

  • Journeys

    Girl Scout Journeys

    Journeys include three series of subjects for each Girl Scout program level:

    It’s Your World – Change it!
    It’s Your Planet – Love It!
    It’s Your Story – Tell It!

    Journeys are the core of the Girl Scout Learning Experience, providing an exploration of three keys to leadership - discover, connect and take action -  tying directly to the 15 national outcomes and providing detailed guidance for adults.

    Journeys - their awards and badge activities - work together to create a complete program portfolio for the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

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  • Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting

    Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting

    In September 2011, GSUSA introduced an exciting new resource for girls: The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting. Girls at each grade level have their own Girl’s Guide.

    The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting includes a variety of badge offerings, handbook sections covering traditions and history, Cookie badges, an awards log, and much more.

    The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting is available for purchase in our council shops and online.

    Watch this video to see the new and revised Girl Scout program come to life.

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  • What will you find in the Guide?

    Girls Guide to Girl Scouting

    Keep in mind that the badge activities are developed for girls to dive right into with their volunteers. So, no need to spend lots of time on training events related to The Girl's Guide! Here's the jist of the contents for the The Girl’s Guide:

    Handbook Section

    My Girl Scouts Section is designed just for girls, and allows girls to personalize their Girl Scout experience by scrapbooking and documenting their activities

    Legacy Badges: Artist, The Girl Scout Way, Citizen, Cook, First Aid, Athlete, Naturalist,

    Financial Literacy Badges: Girls can earn a different Financial Literacy Badge each year. Daisies earn Financial Literacy “leaves.”

    Cookie Business Badges: Girls can earn a different Cookie Business Badge each year. Daisies earn Cookie Business “leaves.”

    Skill Building: Brownie through Senior: Outdoors, Performance, Animals, Practical Life Skills, Healthy Living, Manners, Do It Yourself, Digital Arts, Adventure, Craft, Storytelling, Creative Play, Investigation, Science & Technology, Innovation

    PLUS: Make Your Own, My Promise, My Faith Pin, Journey Summit Pin, PA, CIT, VIT, Bronze/Silver/Gold Awards

  • How to put it all together

    Girls Guide All Levels

    The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting complements Journeys with skill-building badge activities and will feature new badges on many traditional and beloved topics from nature to art to cooking and first aid, as well as new topics based on girl interests.

    Some of the activities included in the badge offerings will be the same as some of the activities in previous badges and others will be different. 

    Click the links below to see how the National Portfolio looks for each age level.


    Here are some examples of how progression is built into each badge.

    Have a sneak peak at the anatomy of a badge (for all age levels).

    Girl Scout Daisies have a special approach.

  • Program Pathways

    Pathways Logo

    There are many ways to be a Girl Scout! Girl Scout Pathways are all the ways that you can participate in Girl Scouts. They can be combined any way that works for you...participate in one, two or all!

    Camp: Experience our day or resident camps during summer, winter or spring.

    Events: Participate in programming based on a particular theme, such as the Girl to Girl Conference, Halloween Hikes or Math Moves U.

    Series: Participate as a group in a series of sessions relating to a specific theme or purpose, such as a six-week video production project or a winter hiking club.

    Troop:  Girls meet regularly during the school year with the same girls and engage in volunteer-led high-quality programs that support learning, relationship building, and fun.

    Travel:  Girls participate in leadership and cross-cultural opportunities through in-state, national, and international travel.

    Virtual:  Girls engage in interactive high-quality program activities in a safe and secure online environment.

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