Resident Camp Wind-in-the-Pines

Plymouth, MA
Summer Phone: June 20 – August 15, 508-224-2002
Year-Round Camp Hotline: 617-350-8335

  • Sleeping Quarters

    Campers who stay at Wind-in-the-Pines will live in platform tents. There are 3-5 girls in each tent. Each girl will have a cot with a mattress and small wooden cubby. A bathroom is located near each unit with flush toilets, handsinks, two shower stalls, and electricity. Hot showers are located in the central shower house. Each unit has a fire pit for cookouts. Counselors stay in quarters with other staff right by the campers' quarters. Each unit has a covered pavilion for rainy day space. Bug netting and poles can be purchased from the Trading Post.

    See pictures of Camp Wind-in-the-Pines sleeping quarters (PDF).

  • Health & Safety

    American Camp Association AccreditedCamp Wind-in-the-Pines is an American Camp Association accredited camp. This means that a nationally recognized organization comes in every 3 years to make sure everything we do (from the meals we serve to the programs we plan) is done in a safe way. By selecting an ACA accredited camp you can be assured your camper is safe.

    Our camp is also licensed by the Plymouth Board of Health. The local Board of Health has separate local and state standards of health and safety with which we comply.

  • What to Bring to Camp

    Packing for camp can be very hard if you don’t know what to bring for your stay, especially if you are a Girl Scout Backpackfirst time camper. If you're wondering what you can and can not bring to camp, view a complete packing list (PDF) that will work for all our camp programs. We recommend packing in a camp trunk that can fit under your bed or a soft duffle bag. Please label EVERYTHING with your full name. Visit the Girl Scout Shop for camping essentials!