Our focus is inclusion.  We bring the Girl Scout experience to underserved communities in our council area.

  • Diversity Programs

    We develop our programs in conjunction with community partners, to bring life skills, courage, confidence and character to girls.

    These are some of our recent offerings. To request more information or to ask about a program to suit your group's needs, contact us!

    Double Dutch


    Science, Math and Technology

    Leading Girls to Math and Science

    A 24-week introduction to basic math, physics, chemistry, engineering, biology and ecology. Each 4-week unit includes a hands-on activity to integrate the concepts with leadership, communication and problem-solving skills.

    Kitchen Science

    An 8-week program using household items in science experiments and projects. Girls learn about acids and bases as they invent and write in invisible inks.

    Can U Dig It?

    An 8-week archeology program incorporating history, literacy, math, earth science, general science and anthropology. Girls write in hieroglyphics, learn customs and practices of ancient civilizations, write poems and stories and work together to solve ancient mysteries.

    Math Mania

    An 8-week series that reinforces basic math skills and promotes creative problem-solving using hands-on and discovery-based activities and projects.

    Project Re-Runway

    A 12-week program of ecology and responsible consumption. Girls learn about fashion design and create showcase outfits using only recycled materials. A key element of the program is a mall tour in which girl model their creations in a public forum to promote environmental stewardship.

    Design and Discovery

    For middle school girls. A comprehensive, 24-week engineering curriculum developed by Intel. Topics include hands-on electrical, mechanical and architectural engineering projects, culminating in a science fair.

  • Financial Literacy


    For girls in grades K-12, an intro to basic concepts of money management, including saving vs. spending, interest and compound interest, responsible use of credit and financial goal setting. Cents-ability aligns with the goals of the Girl Scout Cookie Sale program, which offers girls a real life entrepreneurial experience in which to practice heir skills.

    The Apprentice

    A 10-12 week entrepreneurial and life skills program modeled on the television show. Girls work in teams guided by college students, business women and community leaders, to solve problems, overcome challenges, and learn leadership, communication, goal setting, decision making and teamwork.


    Healthy Initiatives

    All is Well

    A comprehensive, 24-week healthy living program, teaching nutrition, stress management and substance abuse prevention, and the connection between physical and emotional health. Girls plan and implement a community service project, to develop healthier lifestyles.

    Double Dutch

    An ongoing program about leadership, teamwork, goal setting and healthy lifestyles. Girls learn and practice Double Dutch jumprope skills with trained coaches. They take field trips, perform community service and participate in regional tournaments.

    Dancing Divas

    A multi-cultural dance program of 12-16 weeks. With dance experts, girls choose from a menu of dances. They explore their dance’s style and the culture from which it comes, then create and perform an original dance at a community event.

    Step Team

    An ongoing program, teaching fundamentals and history of stepping, a popular from of creative expression and rhythmic movement that builds confidence, leadership skills, teamwork and responsibility. Culminates in a showcase and an opportunity to teach others in their community.

  • Leadership Programs

    Diversity Program Teens

    Career Zone

    A 24-week program for girls in grades 6-12 on career exploration, entrepreneurship and money management. Girls work with businesswomen to develop business plans, create and manage a budget and implement a marketing plan. Field trips to local businesses are included, and the program ends with a showcase in which girls demonstrate their skills and sell products they created.

    Girls Got Goals

    A 10-14 week program in which learn to set and accomplish goals, and work as a team to solve problems. Through hands-on activities, girls learn and practice new skills in a safe, supportive setting. They use their new skills to make a difference in their communities through girl-planned service projects.

    Stand Up, Speak Out

    Every girl needs the opportunity to express herself. Stand Up, Speak Out helps girls learn the fundamentals of public speaking, including making persuasive arguments, presenting information effectively, and using visuals to support ideas.

    Doin’ Good

    Community service is fueled by passion, which can be kindled at a very young age. In this program, girls learn that their personal interests can make a difference in their community. They learn how to plan and implement a service project in their neighborhood – fun for them and good for the people at home.

    Survivor Camp

    Fall and winter only. Modeled after the popular reality television show, this program uses the outdoors as a classroom for teaching leadership. Girls learn camping and outdoor skills as they complete group challenges, solve puzzles and learn that teamwork and communication are necessary elements of success.

    Games Around the World

    A cultural competence program. Girls explore different cultures around the world by learning and playing popular games. Art, math, language arts, and history are related topics.

    Wheel of Life

    In this simulation, girls face challenges of real life. They make decisions about education, employment, housing, transportation, while living within a budget determined by spinning the Wheel of Life.