Our focus is inclusion.  We bring the Girl Scout experience to underserved communities in our council area.

  • In Your Community

    Girl Scouts on a bench

    Girl Scouts is bringing opportunities to all girls and making it easy for them to participate. Girl Scouting looks and feels like real life, building courage, confidence and character in girls who can live and work in harmony.

  • Fab Factor

    Girl Scouts FaB

    Our FaB Factor program serves girls ages 5-18 residing in urban neighborhoods where resources for youth development are limited. The FaB Factor program encourages girls to discover their inner fabulousness. Over the course of the school year, the program focuses on four modules, Financial Literacy (Finance and Business), Health and Fitness (Fit and Beautiful), Leadership (Faraohs and Beacons), and the STEM disciplines (Fractions, Fixtures and  Bytes, Beakers).

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  • Including All Girls

    Girl Scouts in Gloucester

    "On the GSUSA Leading the Way destination, I learned that everyone contributes to the success of the trip. It doesn't matter who has a disability and who doesn't--anyone could be the best at reading a compass, making dinner, or telling jokes around the fire. Everyone contributes their talents and everyone has a great time."